…………………………. *** Creating new home decor ~ for all the seasons ~ from antique postcard images. *** …………………………. "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." Charles Dickens

About Me

Hi and welcome to this page about me. Thank you for coming.

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I wish we could sit in front of a fire together with hot chocolate and cookies while we share stories. As you read on.. I think you’ll be able to guess as to where my name of Kristi “Kringle” comes from..

This next photo is of my family in Alaska in the late 1960′s, just after a husky sleigh ride. I’m the one in the front with the red hat on under my parka. (The adorable elf next to me is my younger sister.)

As a young girl I lived at North Pole Alaska, just down the road from the Santa Claus House and one of my good friends was the daughter of that North Pole’s Santa Claus and her name was Merry Christmas Miller. It was an enchanting and wondrous place to live at that age.

As a child, (and still!) I loved Christmas for the gift of Jesus and the joys of the festivities and celebrations.  I grew up loving snow, log cabins, fireplaces, mountain air, bears, pine trees and reindeer. I wanted to keep the festive and loving spirit of Christmas in my heart all year long and so when I read Dicken’s inspired story “A Christmas Carol” .. I knew as an English Literature major that I had found my favorite piece of literature for all time.

When I grew up I wanted to live in the mountains of Colorado and extend hospitality in our home (like Dicken’s Fezziwig family!) to others. I was able to live that dream with my wonderful and supportive husband for over 15 years and now we are in another beautiful place (Washington state) and I feel so blessed to be living another dream which is pursuing my creative artistry and photography.

I inherited many wonderful things from my parents and grandparents. The most important thing they gave me was love for which I’ll be eternally grateful and they also showed me by example how their faith in God got them through the hard times in life. My grandmothers and my mother also taught me a love and appreciation for antiques- like furniture- and antique childrens books, toys & dolls and postcards. My grandmothers left me their family collections of postcards and so my collection of vintage ephemera was born and I have collected many more since, in the areas of Christmas and the other holidays.

I wanted to find a way to share these images with others and that’s when the idea of Kristi Kringle’s Workshop and Image Emporium was born. I taught myself how to take those early precious images and turn them into decorations for the home.  It gives me great joy to think of the ideas of how to turn an old image into a “cut-out” figure or scene and how to decorate it with hand applied glitter &  adornments to hopefully brighten someone’s home.

If you would like to know more about me- Kristi Kringle- I have answered some questions below in an interview by an elf.

Kristi, what is your favorite season? Christmas!

What is your favorite word? Emmanuel (God with us) because it means that God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to us.

What childhood Christmas present do you still cherish and have? Lilac the Skunk .. a talking purple stuffed animal (skunk) with a pull-string (that still works!) by Mattel. (The photo here is an early polaroid with me holding Lilac under my arm while my daddy teases me by helping himself to a bite of my ice cream.)

So can we guess from this, that stuffed animals are your favorite Christmas toys? Yes, still to this day! Especially one of a kind, hand made artist bears that have personality in their faces. That makes it very fun to photograph them for greeting cards, etc.

What are your favorite drinks? Eggnog and Hot Vanilla

What are your favorite spices? Nutmeg and Vanilla. I’d wear them as perfume if I could! (Since I’m too sensitive to most flowery scents- I did have a perfumer make me an oatmeal cookie scent once and I loved it. Unfortunately they’re no longer around.)

What is your favorite food? Sugar Plum cake and Plum Pudding! (and a Danish pastry dessert from Mortenson’s Bakery in Solvang Calif. that tastes like Christmas with a marzipan custard in the middle. )

{Elf laughing} .. and your favorite dessert..? Oh! I guess I just answered that ha ha.. but let me add dark chocolate (especially if it’s surrounding marzipan- as some of my favorite elves already know. <g>)

Some wondering elves also want to know.. is your kitchen really Christmas themed all year round? {smiling big & also thanking my husband for his help with lighting up my childhood villages on top of the cupboards} Yes!

Your favorite towns at Christmas? Solvang California (where I was privileged to grow up the rest of the way, after our Alaska adventures ended) as they have the whole town’s beautiful Danish architecture enhanced with white lights and they have darling Jule Nissen (Danish elves) all over the rooftops- which were my first examples of wood cut outs – come to think of it!! The other towns I like at Christmas are Breckenridge in Colorado and Leavenworth (a German themed town) in Washington. They are all beautiful places any time of year.. but at Christmas.. special magic appears and dusts them with enchanting sparkles. (photos below are from the lovely Bavarian town of Leavenworth- the lights show better in the clickable larger version)

Your favorite music? Christmas.. I can’t actually count how many Christmas cds my husband and I have.. it started as a joke between us when his brother gave us a Christmas Polka cd (which is great fun!) and then we actually grew to love the genre.. and yes, I play happy Christmas music all year round.. especially if I’m working in my Workshop on Christmas projects.

So if you could only take 3 Christmas cds with you to a desert island igloo.. which ones would you take? One of the best Christmas albums ever produced in my opinion is Russ Taff’s “A Christmas Song” (I love decorating the tree to this smooth crooner’s songs) and I also adore Narada’s “The Christmas Collection” (never get tired of it!) and a more recent album that is really fun is SheDaisy’s “Brand New Year”

Favorite song: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” (A Christmas Carol) I was happy when I found an antique postcard with the words on it.

Favorite Color: pine green

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations: Lots of twinkly lights! The silver glitter star I made when I was four (my first cut-out!) and the hand carved wooden nativity we got at a special Christmas market in Germany.

Favorite painting of Santa Claus: The Spirit of Christmas by Stephen Lyman

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    I absolutely love your wood cut-outs and would love to see what is available and be emailed when they are posted.

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