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Cut Outs Currently Available

I love making home decor from antique postcards and other vintage images. (For more on my creative process or how to pay for one, please see the additional information after the last photo.) I make and cut out and decorate each one individually so that they are each one of a kind. Hence, each one takes me a long time to make from conception to completion. I love coming up with the ideas and then seeing the results under my fingertips as they are finished.

This is a cut out of Viviane and Merlin from a 1910 postcard of artwork by the artist Bussiere.

It is approximately 10.5 inches long and approx. 8 inches high. It is decorated with vintage jewelry pieces and natural and fabric flowers. In the legend of Viviane & Merlin there is a lot of natural imagery involved, including trees. Here she has him in a private bower and I have tried to arrange the twigs and flowers to represent that. In one of the photos below, I show the twig close up that is from a 45 year old apricot tree and has natural lichen growing on it due to its age. This piece (along with several others of different subjects) will be for sale in my new Etsy store opening sometime in Summer 2015.

Viviane & Merlin
Twig from old apricot tree
Showing vintage adornments details on Merlin’s belt and her skirt and belt.
Come a little closer…

Payment: Please see my new Etsy store for information and for available pieces.

(If you live in Wenatchee, arrangements can be made to pick it up locally for no cost.)

Other info you might want to know: All my items come from my non-smoking home. Each piece comes with my Kristi Kringle’s workshop tag on the back saying that it is one of a kind (and the piece can be signed and dated on the back by request.) Please be aware that the actual colors of the cut out may vary slightly from what you see on your screen due to the differences in monitor settings. (I also often take photographs of them in different light settings to hopefully help emphasize different features- like how sparkly a piece really is.) My pieces are decorations and are not meant as toys for children or (animals <g>) due to possible sharp edges of wood and glass glitters- and the adornments while hopefully glued on securely- are not meant to be played with or chewed on- thanks!

My prices are based on how much work and time I put in on cutting out that particular design and decorating them and what kind of base they are on and whether or not they have lights included on them, etc.

Other cut out pieces I have available are some fun Halloween designs (including a dark castle with glow-in-the-dark accents) and some medieval and belly dance themed pieces. Please e-mail me if you would like to see photos of those or to see more photos of a piece listed for sale. To see photos of pieces I’ve made in the past, please visit my Cut Outs Gallery page.

My process: I enjoy spending time looking through old postcards in antique stores or on eBay and buying the ones that appeal to me and that I think will make great cut outs. (A bonus being that I’ve made some neat international friends through buying postcards on-line!) Then when I have that special image in hand (& often it’s an idea for the next upcoming holiday) I first evaluate the picture to see if it will work to to be turned into a “cut-out”. Then I scan it in- in most cases at a very high resolution- and then I transfer the often-over-a-hundred-years-old-images to a photoshop type program, to erase dirt, scuffs and creases etc. and brighten colors if needed. I usually have to do some painstaking artwork to finish building the sides of different parts that have been cut off on the original postcard in order to make a complete scene that tells its story.

After creating the finished version on the computer, I print them out on very high quality matte photo papers. Then I carefully cut out them out one piece at a time (I don’t use lasers or stack cutting) and decorate each one individually so that they are each one of a kind. (If I use an image a second time, it will be cut and decorated differently, so that each one is still unique.) I hand decorate them with glitters– many have German glass glitters on them reminiscent of Victorian style holiday pieces– or real mica flakes and other glitters.  I often accent them with antique or vintage adornments like beads or jewelry or small toys- and meticulously apply those one at a time with tweezers and toothpicks, etc.

Thank you so much for visiting my site. If you have time, I would love to hear from you.

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