…………………………. *** Creating new home decor ~ for all the seasons ~ from antique postcard images. *** …………………………. "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." Charles Dickens

My Postcard CutOuts (on wood) Gallery

Thank you for visiting my gallery. These are photos of some of the past projects I have created. I love creating home decor from antique postcard images.

French Pere Noel on Moon

This gallery shows some examples of what I’ve made in the past. ~You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them, if you like. ~

I love thinking of the ideas and then decorating them. I have many ideas for my future projects as well, that I’m excited to get started on and I will add them to the “available page” as I create them. For instance, I can’t wait to clean up and create a cut out from this rare female Santa type from 1902! (I ordered this card from a great postcard seller in Denmark.)

( If you’d liked to be e-mailed when I have some new ones up, please send me an e-mail at KristiKringle at gmail com or write me a comment in the comment section below. I’d also really enjoy hearing which ones are your favorites. And for more information on how I make them, please see the Cut Outs Currently Available page.)

I love all the holidays and animals and hunting for the cards that I think will make great cut outs. I also make other categories, such as Medieval & Fairies & Cats & BellyDancers (& soon a Steampunk design as well.)

This was my first back drop I created to hang at shows.

Sign (angel with basket)And an angel cut out to match! She is on a rough cut marble base. Her coat is covered with white flocking and an antique pink silk belt and her basket (with real twig accents) has natural pepper berries picked from my mother’s 30 year old tree.

I love teddy bears (especially hand made ones by the wonderfully talented bear artists out there) and so these are three of the first cut outs I made.

I also like villages and horses so I was thrilled when my husband helped me figure out how to light some of them!

These have special battery pack lights mounted to the back with an accessible off/on switch. This one reminded me of my hometown of Solvang because of the elves.

If anyone would like to borrow a photo or other image on my website, please check with me in advance~ thanks!

(All my photos and designs and projects are copyrighted and recorded.)


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